About Aimee


Hello! I am a spiritual writer, speaker and poet based in Sydney, Australia. I am also a dance lover, banana bread eater and human being. My search for Truth has led me all around the world, 27 countries and counting. After a period of intense suffering in my late teens, I began to search for a gentler, more loving way of living. I delved into many different practices and religions over this time. However, my rock bottom came in my early 20’s with a drug overdose. This was the greatest blessing in disguise as I realised I was not my insane thoughts. The belief of seeing myself a sad and suffering individual fell away and an overwhelming joy returned. The joy of just being me. The joy of realising life and I are one. Joy is my teacher and my teaching! I am open and trusting to however life unfolds. I also embrace my messy, perfectly imperfect humanness too. This includes grooving to jazz, late night chocolate consumption and getting over-excited about anything with wings.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the beings along my journey who made the path a little brighter and a little lighter. Living angels, you know who you are! I also want to acknowledge the writings and wisdom of  William Samuel. He taught me to always listen to my own heart and its inner guidance. I’m currently taking a hiatus from my profession as a Speech Communication teacher to share my joy and freedom with those who are sincere in finding their own inner light. I would love to hear from you! I am available via Skype or email.

Blessings to you and the Light you are,




Aimee xx