Be Wonderfully You

Spirituality is not serious,
It is playfully mysterious.

I’ve been wrong for so long,
thinking that reading holy books
will make me spiritually strong.

Must meditate morning,
Must meditate evening.
Must dress in holy robs that look like my bed sheet.
Be careful what I eat.

Yet I still feel incomplete but shhh…
Must keep that discrete —
don’t want to be caught as a cheat.

Living up to this holy image
is just a false idea I envisage.

Ok I will tell you truth
and I have to laugh.

I feel truely free dancing in my room.
Impossible to feel gloom!

Louis Armstrong brings to tears.
George Harrison shakes away all fears.

My teachers are my teddie bears,
they teach me unconditional love,
I’m never too old to get rid of.

Okay I’ll admit it, I’m positively clumsy
and I snort when I find something funny.

And yes, I eat with my mouth full,
and scoff peanut butter by the spoonful.

It is not in a temple I feel at peace,
it is feeling the grass under my feet.

Life is not a rulebook,
it doesn’t demand a somber outlook.

I feel truely free when I’m being me!
Weird, wacky, wonderful me.

So, just be you!
Embrace all your imperfections.
Stop trying to make corrections.
You are perfect as you are.

Be wonderfully you, to be you…
is to be spirituality true!

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