Walk Your Own Path

Can you walk where none have tread?
To take a risk,
And walk your own path instead.

Can you follow your inner-light?
Even when others say,
Follow me, I know what’s right.

Can you pick yourself up?
When you fall hard,
And go on boldly unscarred.

Can you walk with an open mind?
And be willing to see good
In everything, you do find.

Can you sit in patience?
When the path is not so clear,
And wait, even in the face of fear.

Can you speak with honesty?
Even when others doubt you so,
For your path, only you know.

Can you trust without reason?
And have faith that Life,
Will bring a fresh season.

Can you forgive and let go?
And be willing to show,
Your true self, to all.

Can you love your path?
Your unique, wild journey,
For you, God’s Child…

Are so very worthy.

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