Loveably Imperfect

Ho’oponopono Prayer

This Hawaiian prayer
is for those who dare to start a love affair.

It is a return to love
a surrender to the higher power above.

It is an ancient cleaning
a letting go of illusion and false meaning.

It is a sacred revealing
that only you can start your own healing.

It an opening of the heart
exposing we are not separate nor apart.

It is a miracle prayer
releasing us from judgement and despair.

It is the ultimate love affair
with the Beloved who is everywhere.

So here is the prayer –

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you


Painting: Steven Quartly

Heart to Heart

I Don’t Know

We live in a world of yes and no,
we place no value in the words –
I do not know.

We are told we must have an opinion
as if a dog-eat-dog world is the way
to dominion.
We are told to plan our lives
before we even live them,
as if we are nothing more
than our work or income.
We value knowledge of the intellect,
as if words can tell us what is correct.
But I tell you there is no wisdom,
if you are the product of a system.
We are told ‘I don’t know’,
is an answer of inferiority.
But I tell you those three little words,
are the gateway to your authority.
For life is the greatest mystery
and only true answers will come,
when you let go of the outcome.
The outcome of wanting things
to be this way or that,
I tell you the only fact –
this moment is where it’s at.
To accept the ‘Isness’ of Now,
Is to bow to your not knowing,
for past-future thoughts
are no longer showing.
Be like a child, in a perpetual state
of curiosity,
for the river of Eternity will only flow
when you say,
“I do not know…
I do not know how my life should be,
I do not know what is right or wrong,
I do not know where I am to go,
I do not know what I am to do,
So, God, I give my life over to you”.

May this be your pray,
Dare to walk the road less travelled.

Getting Past Small Talk

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay


To be sensitive is to be truly alive.
To sense, like a newborn baby,
The sacredness
Of this forever beginning moment.

To feel,
The crisp winter air,
The warmth of the sun,
The freshness of the ocean.

Each moment,
Must be met with pure curiosity,
For only those that are sensitive,
Can feel the holiness in everything.

For every child, with no exception,
Is delicately sensitive like a flower.
Continuing to bloom until told,
‘Sensitivity is weakness.’

And thus, the child begins to wilt,
The lightness of spontaneity and joy,
Replaced with the darkness
Of fear, isolation and separation.

The child, no longer in relationship
With the intimacy of this moment.
The world once so loved,
So deeply sensitive too…

Is now a place to be feared.

Maybe we are desensitised children,
Lost, scared, crying to go home.
Well home is Here, right Now,
Waiting to be felt.

But we must become sensitive again,
To embrace the beauty of our tears,
To allow our hearts to break open,
To let the unbearable pain be felt.

So, the next time someone tells you,
‘You are so sensitive’.
Say, thank you –
That is how I know…

I am truly alive.


There is an intimacy,
Which most have forgotten,
The aliveness of the every-day object.
The chair, the cup, the pen,
All have a Beingness in them.
Each object is speaking to us,
But we have lost our inner touch.
For one can only sense,
The God-essence in all,
When one becomes curious
Again, like a child to a ball.
For there is also an aliveness in you,
Know this, to be truer than true.
An Inner-Spirit,
Waiting to be felt,
Waiting to be lived.
Waiting for you,
So, you may re-discover,
The aliveness in every object too.
For there is a holiness,
In all you do see,
To again,
Become One with Life,
Is the true intimacy.

To Be Human

I don’t care what they say,
how ‘unenlightened’ I may be,
I am still a human with a heart,
sometimes lost and falling apart.

I have played the wise one,
I have been the dumb fool,
but I have realised being anyone
but me, is just plain cruel.

For life created me just as I am,
imperfectly perfect, flawed and all
and I refuse to remain downtrodden
and small.

For life itself pulsates in my veins
and I no longer will put myself in chains.
For my human heart is wild, untamed
and free and herein lies my Divinity.

Let’s radically love this precious life
both in harmony and in strife.
Let’s accept the messy, marvellous
beings we are –

Each so wonderfully bizarre.
Let’s rejoice in our humanness
and the One Life we are forever,
for birds of a feather flock together.

Wake Up

Maybe it starts
as a slight niggle in the chest
or a strangle feeling that simply won’t rest.

That maybe just maybe
you have been asleep in a dream
and all you believe is not what is seems.

Maybe it was the unbearable pain
of losing one you loved so dear
left in a state of inexpressible fear.

Or maybe it was your dreams
being shattered again and again
like a wren being clipped on its wing.

Maybe, it takes a good shake
to wake from this illusion
of our self-created pain and confusion.

We have been taught to listen to the head
and not to the heart
maybe that’s why our pain won’t depart.

Would you extend love in all that you say?
Would you choose everlasting peace today,
If all of life went rigidly your way?

I’m guessing the answer would be no,
for the mind is trying to lead the show
and I tell you, it does not know.

It knows nothing of true love,
it knows nothing of being awake,
this is why we are cracked open in heartache.

Listen, to that tiny tick in the chest,
it is the small voice telling you to rest,
to stop creating a dream of separation.

Wake up to your freedom and liberation.
Your frustration is only resisting what is,
The time is now, to wake up and live.

To wake up to your Divinity,
to wake up to your Christ-Light,
Peace and Love is your birth-right.

So maybe just maybe,
All is not as it seems,
And your broken dreams…

Break open the Light within.