Loveably Imperfect

Please don’t be perfect
Or live up to a false ideal,
I love you just as you are,
Perfectly imperfect and real.

I love your messy ways
And the bumps on your head,
And how you laugh from
Something funny you said.

I love your gentle tears,
And your childlike heart
Please never give that in,
For a perfect fresh start.

You are just as you are –
Tender bruises and all,
So please never change
Or make yourself small.

You are quirky and weird
And wonderfully strange,
Why dim your inner light
By wanting to change?

Don’t try and be ‘perfect’ –
That’ll be an unbearable bore,
You are loveably imperfect
And that’s why I do adore.

Ho’oponopono Prayer

This Hawaiian prayer
is for those who dare to start a love affair.

It is a return to love
a surrender to the higher power above.

It is an ancient cleaning
a letting go of illusion and false meaning.

It is a sacred revealing
that only you can start your own healing.

It an opening of the heart
exposing we are not separate nor apart.

It is a miracle prayer
releasing us from judgement and despair.

It is the ultimate love affair
with the Beloved who is everywhere.

So here is the prayer –

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you


Painting: Steven Quartly

Heart to Heart

Can we meet heart to heart?
I just want to meet you.
To greet the real you.
May we join in the field beyond
our judgement and grievances?
May we not judge by behaviour
but rejoice in love and acceptance?
May we see the essence in each other
before a question is even asked?
May we listen in complete openness
before an answer is even required?
Can we meet heart to heart?
Just for an instant,
that’s all I ask.
May our eyes meet deep.
May our souls sweetly greet
and may we share a smile in eternity
when I ask you on this fine morning,
‘Brother, how are you?’


I Don’t Know

We live in a world of yes and no,
we place no value in the words –
I do not know.

We are told we must have an opinion
as if a dog-eat-dog world is the way
to dominion.
We are told to plan our lives
before we even live them,
as if we are nothing more
than our work or income.
We value knowledge of the intellect,
as if words can tell us what is correct.
But I tell you there is no wisdom,
if you are the product of a system.
We are told ‘I don’t know’,
is an answer of inferiority.
But I tell you those three little words,
are the gateway to your authority.
For life is the greatest mystery
and only true answers will come,
when you let go of the outcome.
The outcome of wanting things
to be this way or that,
I tell you the only fact –
this moment is where it’s at.
To accept the ‘Isness’ of Now,
Is to bow to your not knowing,
for past-future thoughts
are no longer showing.
Be like a child, in a perpetual state
of curiosity,
for the river of Eternity will only flow
when you say,
“I do not know…
I do not know how my life should be,
I do not know what is right or wrong,
I do not know where I am to go,
I do not know what I am to do,
So, God, I give my life over to you”.

May this be your pray,
Dare to walk the road less travelled.

Small Talk

Before even hello,
when I was a child I was asked,
‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’
When I was an adolescent I was asked,
‘what degree will you study after school?’
When I was an adult I was asked,
‘what do you do for work?’
I wish I could have said,
I want to be free and I want to be me,
I want to study life, not textbooks and
I want a job that fills my heart with joy.
But I didn’t have the courage.
I just mumbled the same old sentences
over and over, until I too believed them.
I became a product of small talk,
and soon enough
I was asking the same lifeless questions,
that once used to make my heart hurt.
For the heart lives only for this moment,
It does not care what tomorrow will bring,
true questions should make the heart sing.
I am tired of the meaningless chat,
as if true success must be arrived at.
I don’t care your income or your status,
I don’t care your job or who you know,
I care only if you are wealthy in heart
and live true to your Soul’s inner calling.
For small chat is no chat,
If we don’t listen and speak from the Presence
the words arrive at.
So, let us say hello and look deeply into
the eyes of all those we meet,
even if for only a moment we do greet.
For there is a Being in there,
who has much wisdom to share,
but only when you can bear the Silence
in between the small talk,
will they truly speak to you.
For you will never find the Light in them,
by starting a conversation…

‘Tell me what work you do’.

The Breaking Point

There is a point where one must break
When we fall to our knee’s and plead,
‘Life stop, there is no more I can take’.
It is that point of indescribable pain,
When we shout God’s name in profane.
That moment when a part of us dies,
When we are drowned out by our cries.
Maybe it was the death of a spouse,
Maybe it was losing your house,
Maybe it was that drug overdose,
Maybe it was that terminal diagnose.
It is the Dark Night of the Soul,
It is the point beyond all control,
It is the rock bottom many have told.
It is when your eyes are empty of identity
and in defeat you say, is this my destiny?
You feel so alone in a universe so vast
And living life becomes a dreaded task.
But let this be the point of no return,
To allow the inner demons to finally burn.
Yes, it may feel like you are going to die,
But we must face our deepest fears,
To rise from hell and touch the sky.
The breaking point gives us wings,
To soar into the truth of who we be,
The truth is we are already free.

The Seeker

What are we seeking for?
An external teacher to point
us to our inner door?
For the true teacher is already
inside of you.
It is that still small voice
that knows what to do.
It is closer than fingers and toes,
more intimate than the breath.
It is Eternal Being,
that knows no death.
It is the Childlike Heart you are,
forever bright like the evening star.
As the Great Gautama once said,
Buddha-nature is hidden inside you,
but only the childlike
will know this is true.
So, let go the seeker,
for the Heart is the true speaker.
You need not even be a ‘finder’,
for the true reminder
Is that you were never lost,
never abandoned,
never even searching for more.
Just look within, open the door,
you are already what you wish for.
God is inside you.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

It’s okay to not be okay
The fire of anger in your belly is okay
The desperate tears in your eyes is okay
The existential void in your gut is okay
The tight anxiety in your throat is okay
The endless thoughts, the unspoken desires,
The pounding guilt – is perfectly okay
The madness, the confusion, the insanity –
Yes, that is okay too.
For we are all trying so hard to be okay
And stand perfectly tall,
When inside, we just want to crumble
And fall
So, let go, fall, crumble,
For it is in our surrender we become humble.
There is no need to put the bricks of the past
Back together again,
Let them go and build with love and affection.
The foundation starts with you,
So, put your hand on your heart,
And know, just know,
You are Life’s work of art.
For a painting has both black and white,
That is what makes the contrast just right.
Let all be exactly as it is,
The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows,
For underneath, our true nature knows
All is okay – there is a beauty in our pain.
For we cannot bloom into our Light,
Until we feel our thorns at night.
Can we bring loving awareness
To the hidden places we feel so dark?
For this how the healing will start.
So, it’s okay to not be okay,
Let yourself be exactly as you are,


To be sensitive is to be truly alive.
To sense, like a newborn baby,
The sacredness
Of this forever beginning moment.

To feel,
The crisp winter air,
The warmth of the sun,
The freshness of the ocean.

Each moment,
Must be met with pure curiosity,
For only those that are sensitive,
Can feel the holiness in everything.

For every child, with no exception,
Is delicately sensitive like a flower.
Continuing to bloom until told,
‘Sensitivity is weakness.’

And thus, the child begins to wilt,
The lightness of spontaneity and joy,
Replaced with the darkness
Of fear, isolation and separation.

The child, no longer in relationship
With the intimacy of this moment.
The world once so loved,
So deeply sensitive too…

Is now a place to be feared.

Maybe we are desensitised children,
Lost, scared, crying to go home.
Well home is Here, right Now,
Waiting to be felt.

But we must become sensitive again,
To embrace the beauty of our tears,
To allow our hearts to break open,
To let the unbearable pain be felt.

So, the next time someone tells you,
‘You are so sensitive’.
Say, thank you –
That is how I know…

I am truly alive.


There is an intimacy,
Which most have forgotten,
The aliveness of the every-day object.
The chair, the cup, the pen,
All have a Beingness in them.
Each object is speaking to us,
But we have lost our inner touch.
For one can only sense,
The God-essence in all,
When one becomes curious
Again, like a child to a ball.
For there is also an aliveness in you,
Know this, to be truer than true.
An Inner-Spirit,
Waiting to be felt,
Waiting to be lived.
Waiting for you,
So, you may re-discover,
The aliveness in every object too.
For there is a holiness,
In all you do see,
To again,
Become One with Life,
Is the true intimacy.