Childlike Joy


“It is the childlike mind that finds the Kingdom” ~ Charles Fillmore

"Vous êtes ici pour permettre à la mission divine de l’univers de se déployer. Voilà à quel point vous êtes important !" Eckhart TolleMy childlike spirit is alive and real. I feel like a little girl again. Fearless and free. I am the living light of an Infinite Self. I feel guided, protected and loved wherever I go. Nothing is excluded from the totality of my Being. Everything is divine, sacred and welcome. I don’t want to fix or change anything. I let all be exactly as it is. Even the appearance of ego and evil is perfectly okay when it’s understood. I had to live in darkness so I could consciously return to the light again. It’s all part of the Divine Plan. The ego was nothing but the shadow to show me what I am not. I am indeed grateful for my suffering. It was my process of self-discovery and transformation. I now fly with the wings of joy. I have found freedom. Heaven is here and now.

I have returned home to my original self. Pure, whole and innocent. People may think I’m naive or that I have ‘lost the plot’ but I know what I have found is real. I have found the heart of me. The world no longer scares me because I know all people, places and things are not seperate from me. I’ve stopped feeling guilty and beating myself up. I am no longer the judge of what appears in awareness but the faithful witness of ever-unfolding wonder and beauty. Oh what a joy to exist! How can I not be ecstatic when I know life is living me? I find myself giggling, smiling and crying for no reason. I have fallen in love again. I am in love with life.

Aimee xx

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