Choose Love

I’ve walked shackled with fear,
Wondering if anyone was near
or could steer me to the Light.
I’ve walked long lonely nights,
Seeing nothing in sight,
Not knowing which path is right.
I have wept tears of despair
That even the heart couldn’t bare,
And wondered did anyone care?
I’ve walked my own war,
Senseless on slaughter I saw,
A battle within I tried to ignore.
I’ve walked with hatred on my back,
A constant internal attack,
That made everything black.
I have run away in every direction,
But found only my inner reflection,
For the outer is just my projection.
I have walked into my Soul,
Bloodied, bruised and broken,
Yet what I heard was unspoken –
To surrender the battle inside
And stop walking away to hide
And decide, who will be your guide?
Will it be fear?
Or will it be love?
Choose fear and you fall,
Choose love and you rise above,
To soar free like the holy dove.

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