Dear Child

Dear child,
My time is nearly up,
I am returning home.
From the Unknown you have just come,
And into the Unknown I am about to go.
It’s funny, age may stiffen the bones,
But time has also softened the heart.
All friends are now deceased,
There is little left for me to do.
But there is one thing I must tell you,
Listen to the Heart, only.
Its secret language speaks to the childlike,
For the adult mind is far too loud to hear.
I learnt this late, but that’s the way it is.
This journey called Life is a forgetting
And then the sweetest remembering,
That purity and innocence is still me,
Through the eyes of a child I still do see.
You may run with boundless energy,
Feel the wind and giggle behind you,
But I can still delight in the sight of a tree,
Even if only from the window, I do see.
So, I may not be here for a little while,
But just know, every time you smile,
It is my love shining through.

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