Die Smiling

You were born crying.
Don’t leave this world trying,
trying to hold onto your possessions
for your obsessions have already killed you.

A slave to your anger.
Shackled by painful memories
you refuse to let go of.
Replaying memories from 5, 10 years ago.

You have grown cynical,
you wonder why people don’t visit you.
Fresh air does little for you anymore,
you ignore life’s gifts, shutting the door.

You blame others.
You pity yourself.
You pretend to know more
by the books you have read,
tell me though what will read on your deathbed?

I can tell you, you won’t want to read your memoir,
it will be complicated and dense, impossible to condense,
when you have lived only in the past tense;
Chapter 11: My life lived in defense.

At your funeral what will they say?
“He lived for tomorrow but not for today.”
Superiority is just a pathetic attempt
to look on others with contempt.

You treat others as ignorant
because you have a dollar sign on your head.
But tell me what true wealth have you spread?

Those that read this, you know who you are,
The ones that no longer get a thrill
when they see a shooting star.

Tell me, can money comfort you on those last days?
Because death does not praise those who only
strive for a raise.
When your number is up, that’s it, farewell,
no possession can be taken up that stairwell.

So, what to do?
With this little time you have left.
It’s best you stop and think,
Is it the memories of family and fun
or all the court cases you won?

Was true joy ever found in your briefcase,
or was it your child touching your face
and the sweet touch of a lover’s embrace?

Live life for this moment
before this world vanishes,
Leave no damages in the minds of those you love.

Your essence is carried in the memories
of generations to come.
You will not be remembered for your income
but if your heart was rich.

If you have regret you will die crying,
So die smiling for you have lived and loved
and ready to go to heaven above.

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