Don’t Be So Serious

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“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive” ~ Elbert Hubbard

I have discovered something wonderful. I have stopped being so serious. I have stopped trying to be perfect. I have found the sweet freedom in laughing at myself. Life is too short to be taken seriously.

Try this
Give names to those various aspects of yourself that cause you grief. For example, I have four main ladies in my life. Firstly, let me introduce Ms Rushmore. She is the part of me that is always in rush. Even if I am not late, she decides it’s time to get in a panic. She makes me bite my nails and drive faster than I should.

Then I have Sad Sally. She doesn’t come that often but when she does she likes to make a statement. She makes me mope around and listen to sad music. She is usually very reflective and dwells on old traumatic childhood experiences.

Then I have Up Myself Mandy. She is the part of me that thinks I am way smarter, way prettier and way more spiritual than everyone else. She used to come a lot. She tends to be very friendly on the outside but incredibly judgmental on the inside. Her physical features include a slight eyebrow raise and pursed pout.

And lastly, let me introduce No-body Nelly. She is the part of me that believes I have transcended all my humanness because I am sooooo spiritual. Pretty much she thinks she is enlightened. Funny thing is, she gets easily irritated and enraged when people question her spiritual awakening.

So, there we go.

I have introduced you to my inner selves. Have a go naming your own. And when an one of them starts to demand your attention just welcome them with their proper title e.g. Good morning Debbie Downer. I guarantee you they will be gone quicker than Usain Bolt. For when you start to laugh at those parts of yourself you normally take so seriously, you will feel a lightness and joy within. For life doesn’t want you transcend any aspect of yourself, it simple wants you to take a good look at yourself and laugh. I’m serious!

Aimee xx

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  1. Graeme
    Graeme says:

    This is so powerful and wonderfully described ! I’ve got voices too that I’ve named and it’s got to the point now where I smile at them with love when they appear. As you say, I find resisting or condemning them strengthens them while gently shining the loving light of awareness on them is all I need to do. They used to rule my life (I thought they were me!) but now they’re just background chatter with no power at all. It’s such freedom !! Thank you dear Aimee for sharing this.


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