I Don’t Know

We live in a world of yes and no,
we place no value in the words –
I do not know.

We are told we must have an opinion
as if a dog-eat-dog world is the way
to dominion.
We are told to plan our lives
before we even live them,
as if we are nothing more
than our work or income.
We value knowledge of the intellect,
as if words can tell us what is correct.
But I tell you there is no wisdom,
if you are the product of a system.
We are told ‘I don’t know’,
is an answer of inferiority.
But I tell you those three little words,
are the gateway to your authority.
For life is the greatest mystery
and only true answers will come,
when you let go of the outcome.
The outcome of wanting things
to be this way or that,
I tell you the only fact –
this moment is where it’s at.
To accept the ‘Isness’ of Now,
Is to bow to your not knowing,
for past-future thoughts
are no longer showing.
Be like a child, in a perpetual state
of curiosity,
for the river of Eternity will only flow
when you say,
“I do not know…
I do not know how my life should be,
I do not know what is right or wrong,
I do not know where I am to go,
I do not know what I am to do,
So, God, I give my life over to you”.

May this be your pray,
Dare to walk the road less travelled.

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