I see you
But I don’t really see you
I see your eyes
But I don’t see your soul

We talk
The repetitive script
We have seemed to say for years
Scared to tell our real fears

Our fear of living
Our fear of dying
Our fear to show our eyes crying

I have known you forever
Yet we still talk about the weather
I meet you only flesh to flesh
Not seeing your true depth

I see my judgments about you
Before I really see you
You’re a product of the past
An idea I have formed

Our relationship misinformed
Because of the devastating notion,
That I already know you

Not once I have stopped
To look, truly, into your eyes
To see what lies in the deepest
Depths of them

And I wonder why
You sometimes act so shy
Maybe because you are tired
Like I, floating on the surface

Our friendship an iceberg
Thinking we know each other
Only by the tip that shows
We stay here because it is easy

Easy to catch-up
Easy to talk about problems
We talk for hours
Yet truly say nothing

Waves of pointless talking
Keep us comfortably at bay
We fear the silence
Which confirms we have nothing to say

We listen but don’t really listen
Listening only with the ears
Not with the heart
And we wonder why
We both feel so far apart

But just under the surface
We share a truth even the sun can’t melt
We don’t come from different seas
The soul inside me
Is the same soul in the eye’s I see

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