It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

It’s okay to not be okay
The fire of anger in your belly is okay
The desperate tears in your eyes is okay
The existential void in your gut is okay
The tight anxiety in your throat is okay
The endless thoughts, the unspoken desires,
The pounding guilt – is perfectly okay
The madness, the confusion, the insanity –
Yes, that is okay too.
For we are all trying so hard to be okay
And stand perfectly tall,
When inside, we just want to crumble
And fall
So, let go, fall, crumble,
For it is in our surrender we become humble.
There is no need to put the bricks of the past
Back together again,
Let them go and build with love and affection.
The foundation starts with you,
So, put your hand on your heart,
And know, just know,
You are Life’s work of art.
For a painting has both black and white,
That is what makes the contrast just right.
Let all be exactly as it is,
The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows,
For underneath, our true nature knows
All is okay – there is a beauty in our pain.
For we cannot bloom into our Light,
Until we feel our thorns at night.
Can we bring loving awareness
To the hidden places we feel so dark?
For this how the healing will start.
So, it’s okay to not be okay,
Let yourself be exactly as you are,

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