Man Is God

Man is God,
He is the protector,
Providing the nectar,
He works for our safety
And does so bravely.
He loves deeply
And gives completely,
This may not seem so
With all the wars, I know.
But let us not see man
As someone who hates,
Only the mind manipulates
And creates illusory states,
And man is not his mind,
Or the cruelty of humankind.
For under the pain he carries,
He just wants to be happy.
He has been told not to cry,
To shut up and work to supply.
But the boy in him is not lost,
He just forgot his loving nature,
When he used to get on the bike
And be carefree and childlike,
He misses what this feels like.
So point your fellow man back,
Let the tough armour crack,
Say we will no longer attack
But join together as brothers.
It is our duty to love and serve,
Let us not hate but observe
The God in each one of us,
To walk together as one,
To see every man as my son,
Then woman can walk this earth
Unharmed and free to give birth,
To a son whose heart is pure.

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