Return to Light


“A pure heart open to the light, will be filled with the very essence of truth” ~ Rumi

We are all destined to return to the Light. Yippie! Children are already living this light but they do not know it consciously. It is only by experiencing adulthood, the opposite of childhood, that one is able to know through retrospect the purity and innocence of being a child. Thus, we experience darkness and suffering so we may consciously return to light and love.

This Light of Life is what the scientist calls the quantum particle, the religious leader calls the Christ Light and the spiritual teacher calls Enlightenment. It is the unchanging Light inside every human being. This Light has never befallen into darkness or delusion for it is eternally Self-Aware; forever beholding and witnessing its divine attributes and characteristics. This human experience is not about finding a ‘personal’ identity but rather realising we are already the living light of an Infinite Self. But only the childlike will know this is true because insight comes not with arduous study but with a gentle touch.

This discovery for me has been a re-birth into original purity and innocence. Upon discovering this Light, I feel exactly as I did when I was a child. Fearless and free. Childhood memories and feelings flooded back that I thought were long forgotten. To my surprise this discovery was not dead and stagnant as the word ‘Enlightenment’ is often thought to be but rather emotion and real.  It is a sensual experience of feeling, tasting, smelling and seeing the mystical beauty of existence. This life is a living miracle.

I get excited about the smell of fresh cut grass. I am brought to tears by my favourite piece of music. And I get to love others just as they are without wanting to fix or change them. Finding the Light within myself, I see the Light in every man. Life is still bumpy, but just like a child on a bike I love the adventure. My Inner Light now leads the way.

Aimee xx

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