Skinny Dipping

Come on, jump in!
Leave all problems ashore.
Let go the baggage!
Extra weight and you drown.

Strip off, take nothing!
Business suit too tight,
Birthday suit just right.
Sweet life, let’s make love.

Let me see you, don’t hide!
The moon shines on the daring,
The ocean embraces the free.
It’s just you (sweet life) and me!

The world may be in a murky mess,
Biting with no remorse like a shark.
But I know the goodness,
That lies just beyond the dark.

I am a child once more,
But this time I know, I know!
Fearlessly I dive into the Unknown
But I never do reach the bottom.

I am forever exploring,
Endlessly knowing myself.
Life may dump, sting, bite
But night always follows day.

Let’s giggle under the moonlight,
Naked and bathed in Life’s delight.
This body may have aged,
But not the child inside!

Rules are for the adults,
Why swim inside a suffocating net?
Life itself shows me how to float,
I don’t need any protection boat.

Naked and exposed
I dive head first,
And hell yeah,
I am so alive!


Painting: Maggi Hambling

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