To be sensitive is to be truly alive.
To sense, like a newborn baby,
The sacredness
Of this forever beginning moment.

To feel,
The crisp winter air,
The warmth of the sun,
The freshness of the ocean.

Each moment,
Must be met with pure curiosity,
For only those that are sensitive,
Can feel the holiness in everything.

For every child, with no exception,
Is delicately sensitive like a flower.
Continuing to bloom until told,
‘Sensitivity is weakness.’

And thus, the child begins to wilt,
The lightness of spontaneity and joy,
Replaced with the darkness
Of fear, isolation and separation.

The child, no longer in relationship
With the intimacy of this moment.
The world once so loved,
So deeply sensitive too…

Is now a place to be feared.

Maybe we are desensitised children,
Lost, scared, crying to go home.
Well home is Here, right Now,
Waiting to be felt.

But we must become sensitive again,
To embrace the beauty of our tears,
To allow our hearts to break open,
To let the unbearable pain be felt.

So, the next time someone tells you,
‘You are so sensitive’.
Say, thank you –
That is how I know…

I am truly alive.


There is an intimacy,
Which most have forgotten,
The aliveness of the every-day object.
The chair, the cup, the pen,
All have a Beingness in them.
Each object is speaking to us,
But we have lost our inner touch.
For one can only sense,
The God-essence in all,
When one becomes curious
Again, like a child to a ball.
For there is also an aliveness in you,
Know this, to be truer than true.
An Inner-Spirit,
Waiting to be felt,
Waiting to be lived.
Waiting for you,
So, you may re-discover,
The aliveness in every object too.
For there is a holiness,
In all you do see,
To again,
Become One with Life,
Is the true intimacy.

To Be Human

I don’t care what they say,
how ‘unenlightened’ I may be,
I am still a human with a heart,
sometimes lost and falling apart.

I have played the wise one,
I have been the dumb fool,
but I have realised being anyone
but me, is just plain cruel.

For life created me just as I am,
imperfectly perfect, flawed and all
and I refuse to remain downtrodden
and small.

For life itself pulsates in my veins
and I no longer will put myself in chains.
For my human heart is wild, untamed
and free and herein lies my Divinity.

Let’s radically love this precious life
both in harmony and in strife.
Let’s accept the messy, marvellous
beings we are –

Each so wonderfully bizarre.
Let’s rejoice in our humanness
and the One Life we are forever,
for birds of a feather flock together.

Life’s Dance

Life is in love with herself
For she dances in all
The sway of the tree
The twirl of the bird
The spin of the stars

She makes love to herself
In the bend of the stream
In the flower and the bee
In the sun and the moon
She moves to her own tune

She lets all things
Dance their own dance
For she knows, she knows
All life to be stilled in Eternity
All must come to rest in Her

So, let this dynamic dance of life
Pulsate, explode in your being
So, you may move with grace
Knowing, just knowing
Love is who and what you be

Go Gentle

Natures knows no hurry
Yet blooms in perfection
The sun knows no rush
Yet shines on all
The moon knows no haste
Yet light is always reflected
A bird knows no panic
So is free to soar and sing
A flower knows no impatience
So, blossoms in beauty
A fallen leaf may be in a flurry
But it cares not where it lands
So dear human being
Go gentle, go slow
Only Life is to know
How it will dance through you

Precious Life

Life is a light switch,
One moment you’re on,
The next your gone.
What will you choose to see?
A bird flying high and free,
The ancient limbs of an oak tree,
Or will you blind to see?
Trapped in delusion of ‘poor me’.
Life and death,
Is as fragile as breaking a thread,
One blink and this body is dead.
Let go worry and fear,
Before death comes near.
Die to the future and past
And rest in this moment so vast,
For time and space cannot last.
So ask what is beyond all I see,
And what is my true identity?
I tell you, what you are cannot
Be switched off or broken,
You are timeless and unspoken.
This life so precious,
Find out who you are today,
Before death pulls the body away.