The Breaking Point

There is a point where one must break
When we fall to our knee’s and plead,
‘Life stop, there is no more I can take’.
It is that point of indescribable pain,
When we shout God’s name in profane.
That moment when a part of us dies,
When we are drowned out by our cries.
Maybe it was the death of a spouse,
Maybe it was losing your house,
Maybe it was that drug overdose,
Maybe it was that terminal diagnose.
It is the Dark Night of the Soul,
It is the point beyond all control,
It is the rock bottom many have told.
It is when your eyes are empty of identity
and in defeat you say, is this my destiny?
You feel so alone in a universe so vast
And living life becomes a dreaded task.
But let this be the point of no return,
To allow the inner demons to finally burn.
Yes, it may feel like you are going to die,
But we must face our deepest fears,
To rise from hell and touch the sky.
The breaking point gives us wings,
To soar into the truth of who we be,
The truth is we are already free.

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