The Door

“I look in temples, churches and mosques.
But I found the Divine within my heart”
~ Rumi

All books I have read
trying to find the golden key
thinking that a word or phrase
would somehow liberate me

I have meditated for hours
lotus flower on the floor
my muscles aching sore
but no posture did open the door

Mantras I have done them all
the non-stop repetitious hum
as if a mantra would unlock the truth
and enlightened I would become

I stopped smelling the flowers
watching the tree’s wave hello
feeling the wind on my neck
and delighting in the sunlight fleck

I stopped listening to the moon speak
it used to whisper in the midnight air
it said its secrets were for all to share
but I no longer cared, I no longer cared

I was too busy trying to find God
as if intellectual complexity
would show me the ultimate simplicity
I was addicted to the ‘spiritual’ identity

My laughter stopped
I thought I had to be serious
so I miserably waited in my room
for that grand and glorious moment

The moment of enlightenment
the great awakening; the big boom
when all my problems would be gone
and I withdrawn into eternal ecstasy.

Yet that moment never did come
so I grew tired and I became dim
I stopped looking for something more
and I couldn’t believe what I saw

I saw that perfection was already so
there was nothing I needed to know
no book, no posture, no mantra needed
the door was already open

I just had to look and see
I laughed, “Life is Me, Life is Me!”
this life is for discover and play
to sing, to dance, to love is perfectly okay

The door was never locked
alas, it is true
so my heart is open with love
and I tell all who come knocking

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