The Flock

We are all birds
Flying separate and lost
Unsure which way is right
Suspended on struggling wings
Until we find each other
And begin to fly as a flock once more
Then we soar on the wings of love
Flying effortlessly towards freedom
No longer worrying where we are going
Or how long it will take
But flying North no doubt
For the summer horizon
Has awakened our hearts to the truth
That we are all unique expressions
Of the One Life that moves us all
No longer afraid of the twists or turns
But flowing with them like the sparrow
Letting Life dance through us
As each moment unfolds in beauty
For the synergy of the flock
Is that none fly into each other
But each move together in trust
Knowing it is Spirit which lifts us
So those birds who have awoken
Out of the world’s slumber
And now fly to rhythm of the Heart
Whether we meet or not
Just know I fly with you
And I thank you for your courage
To soar above the madness
And lead the lost back home
Let your wings be clipped
Let them be broken and torn
But just fly on, fly on
Keep flying
Home is on the horizon

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