The Forest

“And into the forest I go,
to lose my mind and find my soul”
~ John Muir

You ask, what happens when I die?
I say, what happens when you live?

Can you walk into the forest of your being?
Deep, dark and untamed.

Terrified to take the next step,
Yet, open to the wildness of your heart.

Can you trust the inner light?
No matter how black the sky.

Can you walk without knowing the way?
No matter how unsteady the ground.

Can you leave the backpack of the past?
To walk with no trail in mind.

On the coldest night, can you look within?
To find the fire burns within your very self.

Can you leave society’s compass?
Telling you the best way to go.

Can you be wildly willing?
Just you and Life on an adventure.

Can you be fully, freely yourself?
Can you see yourself in everything?

Then true living will begin.

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