The Joy Measure


One of the major queries on my spiritual search was, “how do I know I am making progress?”.  Sometimes it was hard for me to know whether I was advancing on the spiritual path or not. It felt like a never-ending cycle of taking two steps forward only to take four steps backwards.

I used to think sitting in meditation for hours was taking two steps forward. I used to think rejecting the world and dismissing it as nothing more than illusion was true wisdom. I used to think enlightenment was a stop point where all problems would cease. I used to rely on spiritual teachings to measure my progress. Now I realise the only person to measure my spiritual progress is ME! It was when I did the opposite of what I thought I had to do or in other words ‘took four steps backwards’, that I felt the Truth directly. It was when I relaxed — let go of all spiritual practices, methods and teachings — that I found freedom!

Without a doubt I know that Life is my very identity. Life and I are one. No book, no teacher or teaching has to tell me that anymore. I know it is so. I don’t care if I have thoughts or desires, let them be there. I feel so much joy all the time — sometimes I can hardly stand it! Joy is the feeling I use to measure my spiritual progress not if I can stand on my head or be free from thought for 45 minutes.

Aimee xx

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