The Mask

“Take off your mask,
your face is glorious”
~ Rumi

What’s behind your mask?
The mask you wear all day,
To cover up feelings of ugliness
And your pains of yesterday.

Why do you wear this mask?
As if it is a required daily task,
To try and be someone you’re not,
Have you forgot your beauty?

Have you noticed this game?
All pretending to be the same.
Talk the same, dress the same,
But underneath full of shame?

Of course, for you are terrified
To let others see what’s inside,
So you project a perfect outside,
But how long can you run or hide?

We mask our deepest fears,
Running from the hurt for years.
We paint the mask thicker and thicker
As our dishonesty get bigger and bigger.

We hold back our tears
In fear of being called weak.
We suppress our uniqueness
In fear of being called a freak.

We want all to love us,
Yet forget to love ourselves.
We want all to be happy,
Yet don’t let others be themselves.

None can take this mask off for you,
Be brave, let the real shine through.
Life will be messy and unpleasant,
Be present and accept it.

Say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’
And ‘no’ when you mean ‘no’.
Have courage to fail and fall,
Stand tall in your imperfections.

Find what lies beyond the mask,
This is the only task, one must seek.
Stop being concealed,
Let your true face be revealed.

Take it off, rip it off,
It is never going to fit,
Falsity will not admit this,
So come on, just do it.

And let me see that glorious face!

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