The Seeker

What are we seeking for?
An external teacher to point
us to our inner door?
For the true teacher is already
inside of you.
It is that still small voice
that knows what to do.
It is closer than fingers and toes,
more intimate than the breath.
It is Eternal Being,
that knows no death.
It is the Childlike Heart you are,
forever bright like the evening star.
As the Great Gautama once said,
Buddha-nature is hidden inside you,
but only the childlike
will know this is true.
So, let go the seeker,
for the Heart is the true speaker.
You need not even be a ‘finder’,
for the true reminder
Is that you were never lost,
never abandoned,
never even searching for more.
Just look within, open the door,
you are already what you wish for.
God is inside you.

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