To Be Human

I don’t care what they say,
how ‘unenlightened’ I may be,
I am still a human with a heart,
sometimes lost and falling apart.

I have played the wise one,
I have been the dumb fool,
but I have realised being anyone
but me, is just plain cruel.

For life created me just as I am,
imperfectly perfect, flawed and all
and I refuse to remain downtrodden
and small.

For life itself pulsates in my veins
and I no longer will put myself in chains.
For my human heart is wild, untamed
and free and herein lies my Divinity.

Let’s radically love this precious life
both in harmony and in strife.
Let’s accept the messy, marvellous
beings we are –

Each so wonderfully bizarre.
Let’s rejoice in our humanness
and the One Life we are forever,
for birds of a feather flock together.

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