To God

“By day I praised you and never knew it.
By night I stayed with you and never knew it.
I always thought that I was me — but no,
I was you and never knew it.”
~ Rumi

I don’t know,
I really don’t know,
I’m tired of pretending I do.

Pretending I know what to do
Or the cause of why I feel so blue.

I’m so tired,
I’m so exhausted,
All I can do is laugh.

I’ve been searching for You,
I’ve been searching for what’s true,
Who knew, you are my very Heart!

I don’t know the logistics of You,
Or how many galaxies you are.

But when I let go the ‘person’ entity,
Revealed my true Infinite Identity.

I can’t give any more smart answers,
I am dumber to the world than ever.

For I cry at a feather,
I weep for a falling leaf,
I see you in everything.

I don’t know much,
But one thing I do,
This whole world,

Is a reflection of You.

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