You Are The Miracle

Are miracles merely turning water to wine?
Only performed by the saintly or divine?
Praised as a rare event; one of a kind.
Yet, isn’t Life itself an unfolding miracle?
Nothing complex, mystical or biblical,
But just the fact that birds can sing,
And winter brings new life of spring.
That a smile speaks more than a word,
And the tiny wings of the hummingbird.
That death is but a changing season,
And man can question with simple reason.
That true wonder cannot be spoken,
And the Soul of man cannot be broken.
For the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place
To be found; for you are already crowned.
For heaven’s freedom is a state of being,
To be one with this moment is true seeing.
No need to walk on water or heal with thy hand,
Or survive 40 days, 40 nights in desert sand.
The holy land is not outside of you,
Be thankful for each moment is brand new.
The true miracle is the light that you are,
Even the angels adore your inner Star.

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