By William Samuel

God’s FAITH.

I have told my personal story up to this point. There was Bill whom I had lugged to the top of the mountain of understanding. But I still had BILL on the scene. Bill was there because he was the one I tried to make smart. He started in ignorance and ended with much metaphysical knowledge. But the end of him was worse than the start of him. Bill had the whole world under his feet but stood there with no hope or faith at all—and tried mightily to justify the absence of faith as the necessary condition of GOD! “Where is the need for faith in the Absolute?” I asked over and over again. It was the bago of bones Bill who decried faith. And I tried to get the heart of me to agree. For a time I thought it did. But there was always the feeling something was amiss… something remained to be seen; something was terribly incorrect;

Suddenly I realized: It isn’t “faith” that’s incorrect in the absolute view of things. Rather, it is that faith doesn’t belong to me-as-a-person. If faith is anything at all, it has to do with God and God’s Self-knowledge. I asked myself, “What is wrong with God having faith in God’s own Self-knowledge? And even as I asked that question, the entire matter of faith appeared to me like an open book, all mystery gone out of it. As I stood pondering these things I knew at once that faith had nothing at all to do with me as a person. I—as Bill—had never been required to have faith. I had never been guilty of having too much or too little faith. Faith has altogether to do with GOD’S Self-trust, Self-knowledge and Self-understanding. —   William Samuel 1968 – Private journals and glimpses

Spiritual Light


By William Samuel

When one begins his own examination of Light— to consider it, to ponder and understand it, he has come in from a far country and come home again, he has stopped the frivolous toying at the edges of metaphysics to touch down near the very Heart of it. He has taken a full step toward Light and will soon find that Light has already rushed toward him to engulf him with Answers.

It was very slow dawning on me that all light is SPIRITUAL light! For a long time I held tenaciously, albeit unconsciously, to the subtle belief that “Spiritual Light” was different than (higher, more ethereal or something) “material” light.

(I am certain that LIGHT brings its SELF-CONFIRMATION with it. Therefore, the Divine Mystery which underlies these words WILL be FELT AND UNDERSTOOD in “every kindred heart,” that REALLY wants to understand).



By William Samuel 

No matter what the appearance, there is perfection, tranquility, harmony and happiness wherever one is, wherever he goes, whatever he is doing or not doing. Perfection is no more present in one spot than another. Tranquility does not reside more in one place than another. One does not have to seek out the quiet places—mountain trails, meadows and mill ponds—to find the “peace that passeth understanding.”

While the world rushes to other places for recreation, we have a place right where we are—a secret refuge wherein we find the end of sorrow and tribulation, where there is rest from every effort. Where is this wondrous place? Within the Self-within-within. What is it called? The Heart, the Shekinah, the Holy of Holies, the Bridal Chamber, the Identity-I-am. Why has it taken us so long to find it? For walking to and fro in the land, looking for happiness out there; for going other places for better viewing.

All the while, peace has been closer than breathing, closer than fingers and toes, here and now within us, not out there at all. All the while, Peace has been the Identity we are.

Awareness & Life Are One


By William Samuel

A monumentally helpful point for metaphysicians to “get straight” is the simple, basic and very gentle fact that awareness—consciousness—is God’s action not the personal tool of an ego. In our work here, awareness, consciousness and life (Life) are synonymous terms. Awareness is the action of God, the activity of Mind, the life that God is. Indeed, the consciousness presently reading these words, that perceives the Winter scene outside, that hears the rustle of pots and pans in the kitchen and gathers in the evergreen thoughts and feelings of the coming season, is the living that God is, the awareness that Mind is, the all and only perceiving of Deity going on. This consciousness right here and now is the life divine that never ends—the awareness of God.

There are not two awareness’s, one that belongs to Bill, Liz, Lynn or world, and another somewhere afar off, marvelous and mysterious, that belongs to God. All there is to “mortal mind” is the now-to-be-discarded notion that the consciousness reading this essay belongs to a finite personality with a responsibility for “his” experience. Consciousness, awareness, “seeing”, “perceiving”—or whatever else it may have been called—is GOD’S responsibility and God’s consciousness in action.

Conscious of what? Of all there is to be conscious of: the infinity of all that God, Reality, is. THIS life we are is God’s own Self-appraisal, God’s Self-seeing, Self-knowing, Self-being.  –William Samuel


By William Samuel

“Suffering, pain and anguish bring all together in the heart. When we observe others… brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter… friend or foe… in deep sorrow, the heart opens to a universal language called love and we become our brother’s keeper. Their pain moves us beyond ourselves to an unselfish love; their pain becomes our pain and we would do anything in our power to comfort them. The petty judgements (lies) that have caused division melt away and only love (Truth) remains. The pain of others awakens the Mother (Love) in us, it puts us in touch with our heart and soul. In that moment where love is pure there is no enemy, the heart is all-inclusive. Love begets love.” — William Samuel


And this tells us that, if we let it, even the worst of sorrowful things can lead us back to love, lead us home to our own heart of tender and honest understanding. There is beauty and light within everything. Tenderness opens the heart and we are touched by this light of infinite love – and love begets love. This is the way home, through the broken heart, the heart that is torn wide open touches the infinite light of love and lives again  — Sandy Jones


By William Samuel 

Surely, Simplicity is the profoundest of the absolutes. Of the thoughts the world has considered, meditated, contemplated and pondered at length, none seems so difficult to be comprehended by the metaphysician-philosopher we play, nor more persistently disparaged and denied by our intellectual nature than the ultimate simplicity of Reality.

Yet, wherever the Light has been seen, in whatever period or culture, regardless of the former beliefs of those “within whom this Light has bloomed or upon whom it has shone,” the words that tell of it invariably speak of its availability, tenderness and transcending simplicity. Enlightenment reveals that the Real appears a mystery only to the sophisticated (dishonest) nature of us, withheld from those who would search for it outside the childlike essence of their own being.

To those who struggle for their divinity in the diverse places conditioned thinking dictates, those bewitching webs of erudition that titillate the personal ego rather than dismiss it, the Light remains forever a mystery. Oh, but it comes, it comes! The Light comes “in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over and put into the lap” of those who are willing to let go the vaunted self to act the simple Child of God we are in fact already.

So we see, the Light of the Inexpressible demands only the sacrifice of a phantom role we play—but the surrender of anything less is the dream of darkness perpetuated,

** *
(Reader, while this has been written in my words, it is to be read in yours.)