By William Samuel

God’s FAITH.

I have told my personal story up to this point. There was Bill whom I had lugged to the top of the mountain of understanding. But I still had BILL on the scene. Bill was there because he was the one I tried to make smart. He started in ignorance and ended with much metaphysical knowledge. But the end of him was worse than the start of him. Bill had the whole world under his feet but stood there with no hope or faith at all—and tried mightily to justify the absence of faith as the necessary condition of GOD! “Where is the need for faith in the Absolute?” I asked over and over again. It was the bago of bones Bill who decried faith. And I tried to get the heart of me to agree. For a time I thought it did. But there was always the feeling something was amiss… something remained to be seen; something was terribly incorrect;

Suddenly I realized: It isn’t “faith” that’s incorrect in the absolute view of things. Rather, it is that faith doesn’t belong to me-as-a-person. If faith is anything at all, it has to do with God and God’s Self-knowledge. I asked myself, “What is wrong with God having faith in God’s own Self-knowledge? And even as I asked that question, the entire matter of faith appeared to me like an open book, all mystery gone out of it. As I stood pondering these things I knew at once that faith had nothing at all to do with me as a person. I—as Bill—had never been required to have faith. I had never been guilty of having too much or too little faith. Faith has altogether to do with GOD’S Self-trust, Self-knowledge and Self-understanding. —   William Samuel 1968 – Private journals and glimpses

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