The Gospel of Thomas is a non-canonical gospel discovered in 1945. Many people believe they are the original teachings of Jesus. The gospel is the authentic pathway to Oneness. There are 114 sayings, each one being spiritually transformative. In this interpretation, I use the prounoun Her and Him interchangeably as Divine Consciousness is genderless. 

Love & Blessings,


Short summary of the gospel: 

We are sparks of the Divine. Our Divine Self is the I-AM presence. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Suffering is not a punishment, it’s a call for change. It’s our divine right to be healthy, happy and in connection to Spirit. 

Divine Consciousness is the only energy. It’s both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principle. We all live, move and have our being within this energy of Divine Consciousness. There is no seperation. Everything is one.

Basically, you’re awesome. You’re amazing. You’re a divine rockstar. 

You’re a magnificient perfect child of the Divine.