Spiritual Light


By William Samuel

When one begins his own examination of Light— to consider it, to ponder and understand it, he has come in from a far country and come home again, he has stopped the frivolous toying at the edges of metaphysics to touch down near the very Heart of it. He has taken a full step toward Light and will soon find that Light has already rushed toward him to engulf him with Answers.

It was very slow dawning on me that all light is SPIRITUAL light! For a long time I held tenaciously, albeit unconsciously, to the subtle belief that “Spiritual Light” was different than (higher, more ethereal or something) “material” light.

(I am certain that LIGHT brings its SELF-CONFIRMATION with it. Therefore, the Divine Mystery which underlies these words WILL be FELT AND UNDERSTOOD in “every kindred heart,” that REALLY wants to understand).

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