William Samuel (1924-1996)

William Samuel, spiritual teacher, mystic and author, made his home in Mountain Brook, Alabama where he taught metaphysics of Subjectivism (non-duality) for many years. He was a prolific writer of truth, science, religion, and spiritual awakening. Mr. Samuel was known as the “teacher’s teacher” perhaps because so many teachers came to study with him; philosophers, theologians, physicists and mathematicians. Taoists and Buddhists, who were called Masters, also learned from him.

Being a genuine master of Enlightenment and Self-discovery, William Samuel has found a way to communicate in straight-forward, unpretentious honesty, an understanding of the Absolute and the premises of reality, identity, and non-duality. The premise of his teaching is that there exists a gentle, direct experience of the Presence, Awareness, Self-Knowing Truth–and it is available to each of us.

Through William’s gift of communication, you will be shown the way back to your Self, your own heart, trusting your insights and revelations as you begin living the sweet gentle presence of genuine understanding. The Light of Truth that shines through William’s words remains ageless, simple, clear.



By William Samuel God’s FAITH. I have told my personal story up to this point. There was Bill whom I had lugged to the top of the mountain of understanding. But I still had BILL on the scene. Bill was there because he was the one…

Spiritual Light

By William Samuel All is Spiritual Light. The body-point (in time and space) is where “inside” and “outside” interface, it is where above, below, first, last, male, female touch—even as the leaf is the surface the sun…


By William Samuel  No matter what the appearance, there is perfection, tranquility, harmony and happiness wherever one is, wherever he goes, whatever he is doing or not doing. Perfection is no more present in one spot than…

Awareness & Life Are One

By William Samuel A monumentally helpful point for metaphysicians to “get straight” is the simple, basic and very gentle fact that awareness—consciousness—is God’s action not the personal tool of an ego.…


By William Samuel “Suffering, pain and anguish bring all together in the heart. When we observe others… brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter… friend or foe… in deep sorrow, the heart opens to a universal language…


By William Samuel  Surely, Simplicity is the profoundest of the absolutes. Of the thoughts the world has considered, meditated, contemplated and pondered at length, none seems so difficult to be comprehended by the metaphysician-philosopher…

About Sandy & Aimee

Sandy Jones has been entrusted with the copyrights to all William Samuel’s literary legacy. She takes care of this valuable legacy with integrity and love. Sandy has found and lives the childlike spirit of this joyful message, wholeheartedly, unabashedly and fearlessly. Through the journey of self discovery Sandy delights in this unbound joy of living as a starry-eyed, unbridled lover of Life sailing through the cosmic fields of Light.

In, BAREFOOT AT HEART, Sandy tells of her understanding in her own voice. She has found a unique way to bring her special gifts of the Child and Its enlightenment to others. She gives her heart to those who are interested in their own Self-discovery. Sandy is a writer, speaker, surfer girl, artist, untamed spirit and dancing-to-the-music shop owner of Jones & Company in Ojai, California.

Aimee Davies has generously given her time and heart to helping us share William Samuel’s message. She is a God send, truly. She has worked diligently to scan and save William’s archive of unpublished papers and personal journals, along with the Quarterly Journal Notes that William used to print and mail to his motley and astute gang of independent and interested souls.  Aimee has made it possible now, for us to share these Journal Notes with you, here, as free downloads.

I know that William would be very pleased with her ability to take on this challenging endeavor, and accomplishing the task with beauty and élan. William and I are so happy that Aimee listened to her heart, as divine providence led her to William, allowed her to find the Child and the faith to live the divine equation, right here in the world. – Sandy Jones